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Scouting for Diamonds

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Baseball movies have a way of capturing the fans attention, just as America’s Pastime does itself.  Independent Film Director Molly Secours has teamed up with Co-Producer Hall of Famer Wade Boggs, to create what is hoped to be a movie that leaves a long lasting legacy throughout the game. Molly was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule for a Q & A session about their movie ‘Scouting for Diamonds.’

CC: What inspired the creation of Scouting for Diamonds?

I have a Legacy Film documentary film production company. About a year and a half ago I was approached by a couple of guys (both little league coaches,) who came and asked me if I’d be interested in making a short Legacy video about a scout they knew in Gallatin, TN named George Digby (I believe it was on a Thursday). And after they told me a little about him we decided I would meet Mr. Digby the following week. Before the weekend was over he died and sadly I never got a chance to meet him. But I did get to meet and become friends with his wife who really wanted me to make a film about him. So I started asking people to interview. The first person to say yes—and gave one of the most beautiful interviews I’ve ever conducted—was Wade Boggs. And of course, he’s in the trailer we just finished screening at MLB Winter Meetings. We also talked with Mike Greenwell, Jody Reed, Luke Wrenn and several others. Then I realized that as beautiful as the story between Wade Boggs and George Digby is, that the film that needed to be made was larger than that. And so a year and a half later–and nearly 50 interviews in—here we are. The funny thing is even though I never met George Digby I feel his presence every day nudging me to make this happen. If I told you all the miracles that have happened to help us get here you would laugh. And we are dedicating the film to him by the way.

CC: Scouting is such an underappreciated profession. How will Scouting for Diamonds bring the scout’s stories to light?

Well, just watch the trailer and you’ll have a pretty good idea! We meet not only the superstars that scouts signed like Wade Boggs, Willie Mays and George Brett, who all talk about what those scouts meant to them. We meet scouts who are in their 80’s and 90’s and they are STILL scouting. Scouts are clearly a different breed of human. And it comes across. And to be honest, I’ve developed more crushes this past year than a 6th-grade girl in homeroom and most of them are octogenarians.

CC: How were you introduced to Wade Boggs and how did he get involved?

One of the little league coaches who told me about George and who loved George deeply found his email address and introduced us via email. I don’t quite remember how many, but it wasn’t more than a couple of exchanges before Wade said yes. Wade and his wife Debbie were very fond of George Digby and his wife Helen, they were very gracious to me and my crew. I can’t say enough about Wade Boggs. And as you know, Wade is listed as co-producer of the film now. That’s how big a fan of the project he is.

CC: You have a very narrow opportunity to raise the necessary funding for the film as independent filmmakers. How can people get involved and help make this movie a reality?

I’m an optimist and a dreamer. If one million people can see the trailer and pledge just one dollar we will be able to release this film in Spring 2017. Of course we are hoping when people can, they will pledge more. But when people pledge a dollar they will get updates and photos and be able to follow along with us for the whole ride and that’s what we want. And you know what’s funny is as of this morning the people that are contributing the most are scouts! Not surprising, but we don’t expect scouts to do the heavy lifting but this is exactly why they are so amazing… cause they do. What I’d love is for every team in MLB to challenge one another to support the film. That way no one is burdened and everyone benefits!

CC: You’ve mentioned a charity component to your work. What are some of the causes that you support?

There will be several foundations that will actually receive a portion of any profits. We already identified two of them right now. One is the Professional Baseball Scouts Foundation founded by Dennis Gilbert, an amazing organization that supports scouts in need and the Scout of The Year Program founded by the one and only “High Priestess of Scouting” which I jokingly call Roberta Mazur. Let’s just say if it weren’t for Roberta I wouldn’t have gotten this far! The third non-profit will be a youth organization that provides opportunities for disadvantaged youth who want to play baseball but we haven’t decided yet.

Scouting for Diamonds is a movie that everyone who loves baseball will enjoy. When the movie is released it should be on everyone’s must-watch movie list.

You can view the Scouting for Diamonds trailer and donate to their campaign by clicking here.

For more information on Scouting for Diamonds and how you can help visit the Facebook page, follow on Twitter or visit Scouting for Diamonds official site.

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