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Charity Spotlight: Sis Cares Foundation

Sis Cares Foundation
Doug Hall
Written by Doug Hall

The Sis Cares Foundation was created by Karen Moyer, as a way to support fellow Sisters in Sports and the communities in which they live in. In the blink of an eye, tragedy can strike, leaving a person and their family scrambling to pick up the pieces. Through the power of together, Sisters work with each other to make a difference.

Supporting the Community

Many people go through life and need a helping hand at one point or another. Some have access to support while others aren’t as fortunate. Making a difference isn’t just a saying, but what the Sis Cares Foundation does in times of tragedy and need.

Natural disasters such as flooding, tornadoes and wildfires can devastate a community, leaving those in its path in dire straits. The sisterhood was able to respond to a Sister’s call for fundraising help after a violent tornado tore through an Oklahoma town.

Our nation’s military is filled with heroes and their families that make sacrifices so that we can enjoy freedom. Through the foundation’s involvement with another charity, they were able to provide gifts for military families.

From natural disasters to charity support, the Sisters work to make an impact and a difference in their communities.

Support for Sisters

Many outside of the sports world envision a lifestyle filled with fame and fortune. While sports can provide those things in certain situations, the reality is that many times it comes at a cost. The sisterhood and the Sis Cares Foundation have been able to assist those facing three major areas of financial need and support:

Medical Expenses

Whether a player’s career ended due to career-ending injuries, life-threatening illnesses or concussions and their long-lasting effects, numerous players and their families find their finances exhausted. It’s in these difficult times the sisterhood can help ease their financial burden and allow families to concentrate on their loved one’s treatment and recovery.

Domestic Violence

There are women and children in an abusive situation who want to leave, and that need help with housing but for various reasons are afraid to seek help. The foundation can provide assistance in a discreet manner, helping to stabilize the situation.

Property Loss

Many face the loss of their homes and property due to natural disasters such as flooding and tornadoes. Others have lost everything because they’ve been a victim of a fire. Being able to provide critical assistance to these disasters is a key to getting their lives back on track as quickly as possible.

“There are people empathetic to what these families are going through. We have a foundation that will help them as it happens. It’s the security to know that things are never that bad, that there’s a place that you can go.” via Karen Moyer

The Sisters of the Sis Cares Foundation are powered by together and fueled by making a difference. Visit Sis Cares to learn more and about how you can make a difference.

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