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If you missed our Twitter YanksChat last night, you’re in luck. Here’s the chat transcript with Stacey Gotsulias of BP Bronx, Chris Carelli of SNY.tv and our very own Doug Hall.

Q1) What are your thoughts on the 2016 season?

Stacey-A1) I was disappointed by the first half and thrilled by the second half.

Chris-A1) Felt they had pieces to reach the postseason at the start. Performance was a rollercoaster ride. Happy with sell-off, youth movement.

Doug-A1) They finished where I thought that they would. It was refreshing to see the kids get a shot.

Brian McCann

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Q2) Should the Yankees keep or trade Brian McCann?

Stacey-A2) They should trade him only if they can get a good return for him, otherwise just keep him. He can DH when Sanchez is starting.

Chris-A2) Keep. He has value as DH & backup C. 30 HR & 100 RBI not out of question IMO. Tutelage for Sanchez & NYY needs power.

Doug-A2) Unless Cashman can pull off another heist, it’s best that they hold onto him. Catchers like him McCann are in short supply.

Q3) What are the Yankees biggest needs this offseason?

Stacey-A3) It’s all about pitching. The middle of the rotation and the middle of the bullpen.

Chris-A3) No. 2 starting pitcher and an elite closer, the rest can be resolved in-house.

Doug-A3) Starters that can eat innings and know how to pitch, middle relief and more pitching.

Q4) How will Brian Cashman address those needs?

Stacey-A4) It’s possible that Chapman comes back which will solve some of the bullpen issues. The FA pool is kind of shallow this year.

Chris-A4)  I can see NYY chasing Rich Hill (no draft comp) and/or trading for Jose Quintana. Chapman, then Jansen for closer.

Doug-A4) Believe that Chapman will come back and Cashman will be active in the trade market without giving up the farm.

Greg Bird

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Q5) Who’s the most important position player for the 2017 season?

Stacey-A5) Greg Bird remaining healthy is a big deal for next season. He’ll fill a big void at first and in the starting lineup.

Chris-A5) Bird b/c if he doesn’t resemble the player they had at end of 2015, then NYY will be hurting in middle of lineup.

Doug-A5) Bird IS the word! For me, it’s easily Greg Bird. As I wrote recently, a healthy Bird stabilizes the offense and first base.

Q6) Who’s the most important pitcher for the 2017 season?

Stacey-A6) It’s a tie between Tanaka and Betances. The Yanks need Tanaka to keep doing what he’s done for the past few years. And they need Betances to shake off the second half of 2016 and have a strong 2017.

Chris-A6) Tanaka, b/c as constituted, after him, there is not much to rely on.

Doug-A6)  Tanaka. Without question the ace of the staff and the only premium starting pitcher that they have.

Q7) What will it take to offer Brian Cashman a new deal after the 2017 season?

Stacey-A7) I don’t think it will necessarily take a playoff run, but I think the success of the kids and a competitive season will help. Also, he needs to stay to continue the work he started this season with the Miller and Chapman trades.

Chris-A7) Cash gets a 3-year deal regardless IMO. Needs it to fulfill full transition. Otherwise, new GM has to deal w/ Cash’s blueprint.

Doug-A7)  Most likely a return to the playoffs in 2017 and success of big prospects in the Bronx.

Q8) What would it take for Joe Girardi to stick with the Yankees after the 2017 season?

Stacey-A8) This is only my opinion but it seems like he’s ready to leave. Maybe a competitive season convinces him to re-up?

Chris-A8) Girardi must prove he can win w/ mostly young squad. Scale tips that way for the 1st time in his tenure. 88 Ws gets another deal. And that’s if Girardi wants to come back. I will say if Girardi cannot handle the young crew, it will be the perfect time for a complete coaching overhaul.

Doug-A8) I believe that Girardi will have to lead the team to the postseason & successfully finish the development of guys like Judge.

Bonus Question

What would be your surprise trade scenario of the offseason?

Chris- One that nets Chris Sale while giving up newly acquired or newly expendable top flight talent in farm.

Chuck Johnson- Zack Greinke.

Interactive Questions

Corey asked: As a Twins fan, what constitutes “good”? (Good return for Brian McCann)

Stacey- More than one prospect?

James asked: Can I interest you in a gently used Gio Gonzalez?

Stacey- Er. I’d pass.

Doug- I’d pass, but wouldn’t be surprised if they check in.

Chris- I’m with them.

Dave asked: Kaprielian. Ace type ceiling?

Doug- He has tremendous upside. If he remains healthy, look for him to move quickly!

Chris- I think so.

Michael asked: Was the way this season ended tired arm or something more concerning (Betances)?

Chris- Tired arm, leading to loss of mechanics, leading to head case. Once he loses his mechanics, he’s a mess until it locks back in.

Jessica Quiroli- Betances struggled with consistency when I covered him in Trenton (as SP). Not surprised. One tough thing for him was repeating his delivery 2nd, 3rd time through the order. He’s so good though. It’ll work out.

Doug- He will always battle mechanics to some extent.

Jason asked: If Tanaka opts out after 2017, what kind of contract does he get?

Chris- Good question. If he turns in the same numbers as ’16. 5/125M area?

Michael asked: Is he Greg Bird or the second coming of Nick Johnson?

Doug- I’m a believer in Bird!

Stacey- Poor Nick Johnson… I witnessed him hit a HR on Opening Day 2010 and then well, what usually happens to him happened.

Chris- Yanks hope he’s Greg Bird. I think he is. Man, Nick Johnson…






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