Women In Baseball: Amy Gutierrez

Amy Gutierrez, known to many in the baseball community as Amy G, is an Emmy award-winning sports journalist and Bay Area native.  This season marks her 10th year covering the San Francisco Giants, where she is the in-game reporter for NBC Sports Bay Area.

Gutierrez is a best-selling children’s book author who’s first book Smarty Marty’s Got Game, was released in 2013. The follow-up, Smarty Marty’s Official Gameday Scorebook, was published in 2015 and is an instructional scorebook. On Tuesday, April 4, publisher Cameron + Company released Gutierrez’s latest, Smarty Marty Steps Up Her Game.

We asked Gutierrez about her career as a sports journalist and author, as well as her advice for women that would like to enter the sports media industry.

CC: What inspired you to pursue a career in sports media?

I actually fell into sports media after working for several years as a producer in mainstream media. I was laid off from KRON after the NBC affiliation moved to San Jose and needed to find work. My soon-to-be husband was working as a sports journalist for the LA Times and his boss left for a job at (then) Fox Sports Net. I got an interview. Got the job and my career in sports broadcasting began. So I wasn’t so much “inspired” as I was desperate and needed work, lol. That will motivate anyone!

CC: Many people reach a tipping point where they stay the course and move forward or choose to walk away. Have you ever reached that point during your career? If so, how did you keep going?

For sure. My first season covering the SF Giants in 2008 was BRUTAL. Emotionally, physically draining and my confidence was shot. I had a 3-year-old son, a 5-week old baby and a job with little to no description covering a new team in front of a new audience that wasn’t receptive to my position within the broadcast. I was daily fodder for sports talk radio and simply put they weren’t singing my praises. I considered quitting after that season, but Kruk and Kuip gave me a great pep talk and the players gave me their support. I knew having the respect of the team was extremely important and I drew on that and my family support to give it another go….10 seasons later, I think I made the right choice.
Amy Gutierrez

Photo Credit: Amy Gutierrez

CC: You’re entering your 10th year of covering the San Francisco Giants. What are some of your favorite experiences during that time?

It’s actually unbelievable how many milestone moments I’ve been fortunate enough to cover. The 3 World Series Championships seem obvious, right? Add to that, 2 Tim Lincecum no-hitters, a Jonathan Sanchez no-hitter and a Matt Cain perfect game.  Not to mention all of the firsts for rookies, all of the accolades for Posey, Bumgarner, Crawford, etc. it’s impossible to choose!

CC: You’re a well-accomplished producer, author, and reporter.  Do you have any professional goals that you would like to attain?

I don’t really set goals for myself anymore. Living in the Bay Area, a two-income household is a must. My goal, in essence, is, if I have to work (which I do) I want to enjoy it (which I do). It’s hard to think about what else I want to do when I have so much fun in my current position. I’m always growing, always learning, always excited. If that stops, I’ll make some new goals.
Smarty Marty

Photo Credit: Amy Gutierrez

CC: On Tuesday, April 4, your latest children’s book Smarty Marty Steps Up Her Game is being released.  What was your inspiration?

Marty is named after my grandmother, Martha, who loved the game of baseball. We created the character in 2012 for the original picture book, Smarty Marty’s Got Game because it was time a girl was the one explaining and loving America’s Pastime.  The new book continues with Marty, now a little older, and her adventures in and challenges with a male dominated field. We tackle gender issues, bullying and how, at a young age stereotypes and gender expectations can motivate someone or stop their forward progress. It seemed to be a good time to present the importance of embracing difficult situations in which one may fail, but ultimately will prevail because of his/her resiliency.

CC: How can your books be purchased?
Any local bookstore will carry or order the Smarty Marty Steps Up Her Game. It’s also available on Amazon and all SF Giants Dugout Stores.
CC: Do you have any advice for women that would like to enter the sports media industry?
It seems in this day and age with social media there is a constant stream of women who just want to be famous. Instagram and Snapchat are instant gratification devices where due to fabulous filters and edit features, gals can be glam instantaneously. That only goes so far and somehow knowledge of the sport, preparation for your day, actual reporting has gotten lost in the shuffle. When you get older the “pretty” fades and what you’re left with is your reputation. I ask all aspiring sports journalists – what do you want that reputation to be? The old adage, dress for the job you want should be expanded with an addition of “act and post appropriately for the job you want.” If you don’t know your sport – get studying because there is little to no margin for error for females. If you think your physical appearance will win over an audience (especially baseball fans) think again. Your words, your questions are what is critiqued – so know your sport first. Worry about looking cute second!

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