ANAHEIM, Calif –Eric Hosmer has been in the big league for seven years, and he’s starting to reach career milestones that have an impact on a player’s career. Let’s face it, stats are how a player is judged these days, and once achieved, they can never be taken away.

In the fourth inning, with the bases loaded, the stage was set for Hosmer. He delivered a sacrifice fly to score Alex Gordon, giving him his 500th RBI of his career.

Hosmer reflected on this, “Yeah. It’s a good feeling. For guys that are in the middle of the order, that’s my job to drive in runs. To reach 500 is a tremendous honor especially nowadays how hard it is with the pitching, and how it is in the game today. Obviously, you can get RBI’s without the guys getting on in front of you. We try and be as consistent as we can. Us guys in the middle of the order just trying to drive in runs any way we can.”

On if he can just relax now that accomplishments/milestones are reached and just play ball, “A yea. It’s one of those things where you know it’s a milestone and I’m extremely proud of myself to get there. When you’re in the middle of the season, especially the way we’re playing right now. We are climbing up in the standings, just finding ways to win games,” added Hosmer.

Manager Ned Yost didn’t realize the accomplishment, however, he weighed in on Hosmer’s milestones. “We saw him get his 1000th hit. It’s just cool. I can’t believe I’ve been here and seen Hoz (Hosmer) get 500 RBI. I can’t believe I saw all 1,000 of his hits. It’s really cool to watch these kids come up. Then get acclimated to the big leagues and have success like they have. Become champions, and continue to have success.”

Back on June 1, 2017, Hosmer reached a milestone as he joined the 1000 hit club. In the third inning, he drove a ball to left field for the big knock.

Reflecting on the big hit and doing it at Kauffman Stadium in front of the home crowd, Hosmer said “It was really special to do it at home. Obviously, time had been flying by and we have been through a lot as an organization so to get to accomplish something like that individually in Kansas City meant a lot to me.”

June has been good to the Royals (11-5) and for Hosmer, as he is batting .323 (20-for-62) with two home runs and nine RBI.

Hosmer has been under the radar during his career, as Kansas City is not a big market like a New York, or Los Angeles. In fact, if it wasn’t for the back to back World Series appearances in 2014 and 2015, a lot of the baseball world would not have been given the opportunity to see a true professional play this great game and see the talent that he brings every day to the diamond.

He’s already been in two World Series (2014-2015). On defense, a three-time gold glove winner (2013-2015). In exhibition play an All-Star appearance and MVP in 2016. Also, he played in the WBC (World Baseball Classic) in 2013, and 2017 as a champion with team USA winning it all.

Hosmer talked about the whole WBC experience, “It meant a lot. It’s just a different feeling when you’re playing for your country. A lot of people have tried to compare it to playoffs with what the atmosphere is like, and the energy in the stadium is the same. To play those types of games in March, in that atmosphere was a lot of fun.”

Let’s remember that at 27 years of age, there could be many more accolades ahead of him before his playing days are done.

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Brian is an eight-year veteran as a professional baseball umpire. Now retired from behind the plate, BK is a radio personality of Sports Hour with Brian Kreps heard on NBC Sports Radio AM 1060 , writer and sports photographer. Brian has spent the past year-and-a- half providing in-depth coverage of the Arizona Rattlers. Despite an array of interests, Brian’s passion for baseball has not changed.