Phoenix, Ariz- Archie Bradley is a fan favorite of the Arizona Diamondbacks fans and for many reasons. His play on the field is obviously the main thing that gets everyone’s attention, but it goes further than that.

He brings a certain passion to the game that has won over the fans. “It’s just me. Comes from inside. I’ve always had a little edge and little fire lit under me, chip on my shoulder. I just want to win. I love winning. When you taste it and you’re a part of a winning team, you want to keep winning. Things just started to come out and it’s just kind of who I am.”

Archie Bradley

Photo Credit: Ryan Morris

On the success Bradley is having, he was quick to point out it’s just not him, but his team as well. “I think it all goes off our team’s success. We have to be winning games for me to be pitching in the situations I have pitched in. I’m just taking the role as given and trying to run with it to the best of my ability.”

There have been people along the way that have helped get Bradley to where he is today, “I have said it since day one, I owe a lot of my credit to my teammates down there in the bullpen. Mike Fetters and Mike Butcher, our two pitching coaches have really helped me learn and go through this process and transitioning to what I have been doing.”

This year is something new for Bradley, as he is in the set-up man or closer 1-A spot in the bullpen. He will be used by manager Torey Lovullo in any high leverage situation. When asked if he is defining the role, or is the role defining him, Bradley replied with, “Honestly whatever the situation is, whenever that phone rings, I’m just trying to make sure I’m a 100 percent ready for whatever situation it is. I just want to come in and do my job.”

The Diamondbacks have a 25-game stretch where they only play within their division. When a team is in a playoff chase, you always want to do well in your own division. At the same time realizing not to take a team for granted or look past them. “It doesn’t matter who it is. That’s the one thing this team has done really, really well is we come in were playing for today. We’re not looking at who we’re playing tomorrow or after that. It’s about today.”

With six games coming up against the Dodgers, who have a huge lead in the National League West it’s a simple goal, “It doesn’t matter who were playing. The goal is to win series. That’s what we’re trying to do. If you win series, you’re doing good. So that’s what were trying to do. We’re trying to win series. We’re trying to continue to play good baseball and get hot and hopefully, keep things rolling into September.”

On getting into the postseason via the Wild Card, Bradley commented with, “It’s what were trying to do. We understand where we are at in our division. We understand what the Dodgers are doing. It’s about just giving us a chance. We have some guys that can piece together a game for us, and I like our chances. I’m sure the Rockies do to, or whoever we’re gonna play. We still have to get there, but that’s what its about. That’s what baseball did by adding two wild cards. You just want to give yourself a chance.”

Archie Bradley

Photo Credit: Brian Kreps

The 2017 season has been full of excitement and plenty of good moments to date, but when asked if there was a moment that stands out so far, Bradley was quick to mention Opening Day. “You have to start with Opening Day. I’m not saying we would have been the same team or gotten off to the same start, but when you open the season like that (a come from behind walk off win against the Giants and their ace Madison Bumgarner) a Giants team that been part of a World Series the last couple years with the same group of guys. That s how you start your season, I think that was huge, huge momentum for us from the very first game and to run with it.”

This weekend, Major League Baseball is showcasing the players weekend, where the uniforms are featuring nicknames and players can wear out of the norm cleats and socks or any uniform addition. Bradley being the person he is likes this and let me know with “I think it’s cool, it really allows guys to express themselves fully. Whether it’s where they are from, their charities, whatever. Guys are allowed to be loud, bright and just get outside the rules. There’s stuff we are allowed to wear and not allowed to wear. It’s just fun. I think it’s good for baseball.”

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