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Women In Baseball: Amanda Walker

Amanda Walker
Doug Hall
Written by Doug Hall

Amanda Walker is an entrepreneur, blogger and wife of professional baseball player Christian Walker. She joined us for a Q&A session about her journey in life, business and baseball.

CC: Your desire to follow your creative and entrepreneurial spirit led you down the path of starting The Golden Girl Diary. Has your experience gone as expected?

“That’s a tricky question! It has and it has not. When I first began blogging, it was more so as a hobby. I was working a full-time job that had nothing to do with what I studied in school. I was absolutely miserable at work so Christian pushed me to start a blog as a way to share and express my creativity with others. After about a year, I left my full-time job and began blogging full-time so I could travel with Christian. It was then that I quickly realized just how difficult and time-consuming it is to blog full-time. I certainly expected it to be easier when I first began, but quickly learned nothing good comes easy. It has been so very rewarding for so many different reasons, but certainly not what I had in mind when I first started.”

CC: What have been your biggest victories and challenges?

“I’ve nailed some pretty big sponsored collaborations that I’d say would be my greatest victory so far. With blogging, it’s sometimes difficult to show brands what you’re worth. So I’d have to say my campaign with Ralph Lauren specifically is one of my greatest success stories so far! As far as challenges go, I face them on the daily. It’s a constant struggle with social media because things are always changing. But with the challenges come lessons and I’m grateful for each lesson I’ve learned along the way.”

CC: Where do you draw your style inspiration from?

“That’s a good question! I like to look at all different sorts of magazines, whether It’s a home magazine or Vogue. Being that I studied fashion, I like to check out fashion shows, however, I know that’s not always relatable to my ‘everyday’ clothing. I also like to follow a few bloggers, too! Some of my favorites are Katey McFarlan from Chronicles of Frivolity, Ashley Robertson from The Teacher Diva, and Shelby Back from Glitter and Gingham.”

CC: How do you see yourself and The Golden Girl Diary evolving in the future?

“My hope with The Golden Girl Diary was never to make it business. Like I said, I started with the intent to just express my creativity. But now that I do view it as a business, my hope is to reach as many people as possible. I’m sure as I grow older, the topics I discuss on TGGD will change. But one topic that I assume will always be present is style, since it is and always has been something that I’ve been so passionate about. I’d even like to shed some more light on the baseball life, but I know for sure that I don’t want the blog to focus solely on the baseball life. Because as I’m sure most of you know, baseball is not the only thing in our lives. We are just normal people who spend a lot of time at baseball stadiums.”

CC: How did you and Christian meet?

“We actually met 12+ years ago! I transferred from public school to private school about a month into my Freshman year of high school. Ironically, because of our last names (during that time), we always sat directly across from each other. He was always, always, always asking to borrow pencils. Then finally one day we were watching an Eagles game (Go Birds!) and he asked me to be his girlfriend. We dated through high school, college, and pro-ball before finally tying the knot last November.”

CC: Being the spouse of a Major League Baseball player can be challenging during a 162-game season. Has it been difficult to make time for each other during the grind?

“Honestly, college really prepared us for the professional baseball life. Pro-Ball has been pretty easy for us for the most part! I’ve always traveled with him, but this season was the first season that I wasn’t able to. As some of you might know, Christian had a crazy spring. We were with 4 teams just through the course of Spring Training before settling in with the (Arizona) Diamondbacks. We reside on the East Coast and began spring training in Florida and were just making settlement on our home in South Carolina. We also have two dogs so traveling across the country on such short notice by myself was a lot! It certainly can be difficult, but we always make it point to spend some time together before each game. If not physically, we communicate as much as possible given both of our work schedules.”

Photo Credit: Ryan Morris

CC: You have had the unique perspective of watching the Diamondbacks’ season unfold into a playoff run. What was it like watching Christian’s jubilation as the team moved one step closer to achieving their ultimate goal?

“It was so surreal to watch! Christian has experience in playoff situations through college ball so I knew he would put together some good pinch-hit AB’s. We’re both sad that the season ended the way it did, but hope that we can be a part of it next year!”


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