2017 World Series

LOS ANGELES, Calif – Today, is not only the final game of the Fall Classic, but the final game of the 2017 Major League Baseball season.

First pitch is scheduled for 5:20 PM, PST with Yu Darvish for Los Angeles with Lance McCullers Jr. for Houston.

Tonight’s game also features a brief history of World Series baseball in November, joining 2001 (Game 5-7), 2009 (Game 4-6), 2010 (Game 5), and 2015 (Game 5).

Darvish has not appeared in a game since the incident with Astros Yuli Gurriel in Game three. Darvish talked about that. “After the game, I came to the dugout and one of the Dodgers employees came to me and said, hey this is what happened. They caught it on camera. And that’s what they told me. I didn’t think it was going to be this big of a deal. But to me, I wasn’t frustrated at that point when I saw it the first time. And then after the game, he contacted us and said Hey, I would like to meet you in person and apologize. But I told him, Hey, you don’t have to do that. You made a comment, and I’m not mad. So I really don’t care much about that.”

On when Darvish got the news he was pitching in game seven if there was one. “It was during the fourth or fifth game.”

In his last outing, game three Darvish wasn’t sharp In fact his slider was not good either. It all led to the shortest outing of his career as a starter as he failed to get out of the second inning. “I threw a bullpen session and my slider is getting there. It’s better. About the shortest outing I had, if it was the regular season, I probably would’ve Kept going. I wouldn’t say it was the worst outing I ever had. I can’t pay too much attention to what happened, last time. Just focus on the next outing and have a good game.”

For Houston, McCullers Jr. talked his staring game seven. “I knew it was a possibility coming into the series. A.J. (Hinch) scheduled me for (game) three coming in for a reason. I think they have a lot of confidence in me. The series was destined to go seven pretty much the whole time. I think we have two great teams here. I just have to stick with my game plan and execute a little bit better than the last time in certain spots. And just be a competitor out there.”

It would not be complete without getting the thoughts of each manager. Dave Roberts shared his thoughts on a game seven. “This is when you’re a young kid and you’re trying to play through all the heroes and heroics and talking about a game seven in the World Series, and here we are. I know that we’re happy to be at home. And I know that we love being in front of our fans, and I know that we will be ready to win a baseball game.”

On the other side, Hinch shared his thoughts.” I’m glad the series isn’t over in their favor. But the series has been back and forth. And two incredible teams, trying to get to the finish line. And so now obviously it’s good for our sport. Necessarily bad for us,  because we wanted to win game six. Both teams will be ready to play with about as much energy as you could possibly imagine in game seven.”

hinch shared his message to his team following game six loss. “Come ready to play. This is the biggest stage, the best stage, opportunity to win the World Series in game seven. That was the immediate message when the last out was made in game six.”

As you would imagine this is a all-hands on deck game. Both managers have indicated all players, pitchers included would be available for this game. And really how could you not be? Just the emotions enough are capable of pushing any player through a stretch if needed. This is game seven, the last game of the seven, for all the marbles.

The way the first six games have gone in this epic series, the records reached or broken. The individual performances, and team grinding, you could only expect the same for this pivotal and crucial game. There is no tomorrow. Players will leave all on the field for one common goal, a championship.



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Brian is an eight-year veteran as a professional baseball umpire. Now retired from behind the plate, BK is a radio personality of Sports Hour with Brian Kreps heard on NBC Sports Radio AM 1060 , writer and sports photographer. Brian has spent the past year-and-a- half providing in-depth coverage of the Arizona Rattlers. Despite an array of interests, Brian’s passion for baseball has not changed.